My Story


Annabel Valencia,   Authentic Brand Photographer

for the modern entrepreneur who wants to show an authentic personal brand online

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My Story

I grew up with a pile of black and whites that my dad had taken of me and after my mom and dad divorced they were all I had of him.  That was the real beginning.

Fast forward to 2005: I opened a home studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana I was a very naive newly divorced mother who had no idea what starting a business was all about.

In college I learned how to take good photos but I’m going to be honest. The College of Art & Design at LSU did not teach me how to run a photography business!

I know it’s not easy being an entrepreneur so let me help you grow your business by taking the worry of having pro level branded photos off your plate.

You’re busy hustling. You can’t be your own social media image taker forever.

Your brand following keeps growing and things are really jumping!  You don’t have time to stop and take photos like you used to.

Besides, you’re tired of the sorta good enough cell phone photos you’ve been taking.  You’re realizing they’re not good enough to take your brand to the next level.

What about stock photos? Hmm, they’re not  personal are they.  Especially with a personal brand that  connects with your audience; it relies on amazing images.

And let’s be real.

Other people MAKE WHAT YOU MAKE. 

Other people SELL WHAT YOU SELL. 

Other people DO WHAT YOU DO. 


That’s where a StorySession can help you STAND APART.


It’s simple

It’s simple. I provide you with pro level photos.  Photos that capture your story and personality.  Photos that resonate with your ideal client.

You use those awesome photos to connect with your audience, your prospects, and your past clients. 

My goal is that you’ll convert that engagement into a bigger following and bigger sales.  I encourage you to track your numbers before hiring me and compare them to after. 

personal branding Annabel Valencia I’m a portrait & wedding photographer turned personal brand photographer. Doing some hair and make up for a creative portrait session.

Local Photography Educator

I home-school my three kids. Teaching is in my blood. I also enjoy teaching adult photography classes at my local tech center about twice a year and occasionally host my own intimate workshops.

annabel valencia fathers day workshop Discussing photographing men during a six hour workshop I hosted at my home studio. annabel valencia fathers day workshop Demonstrating how to use window light for a Father’s Day themed session where students made their own marketing images to book paying clients. annabel valencia outdoor photography workshop oklahoma windmills From an outdoor photography workshop I hosted at the iconic Oklahoma windmills

Your unique story

It is time to tell your unique story.  The process begins with an understanding of your brand currently, your philosophy and aesthetic so I can  build a curated brand image strategy for the upcoming year based on your unique story.