Portfolio of Work

Here’s a sampling of my work.

What’s my style?

Photos are authentic and editing style is clean.

What type of lighting do I use?

Natural light, flash, and LED constant lighting.


2 hr brand story

~ Client: Lawton Motorsports

~ Story: The faces behind the company

The crew at Lawton Motorsports has been working together for a long time.  Some have known each other since childhood.  There is a definite sense of family.

Carl Lawton Motorsports brand story annabel valencia personal brand photographer
Carl (above & below) – parts department guru
carl lawton motorsports brand story
Arguell – Honda Goldwing Specialist & Assistant Manager

When a client is interested in a Honda Goldwing, Arguell is the guy they talk to!

Chris – General Manager

Chris has a word he uses:  “arguelling” which which is what he calls it when Arguell is arguing just for the sake of arguing.  They’ve been friends for A LONG time.  Mike has two dachsunds, Mocha and Cinnabon.  Mocha has raced in over 100 races and won every time!

Mike Lawton Motorsports personal brand photography oklahoma
Mike & John – Service
personal brand photographer oklahoma Michael Lawton Motorsports lawton motorsports lawton motorsports
Crystal – Business Manager
Crystal Lawton Motorsports brand story
Michael – Parts

Here Michael is behind the Parts counter helping a customer, but many times you’ll see him on a Facebook Live.

Michael Lawton Motorsports Michael Lawton Motorsports Michael Lawton Motorsports brand story
James – Sales
James Lawton Motorsports

The Showroom Floor

showroom floor lawton motorsports showroom floor lawton motorsports showroom floor lawton motorsports showroom floor lawton motorsports


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