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What Is Personal Brand Photography?

Personal Brand Photography is currently one of the most necessary types of photography.

Every entrepreneur, thought leader, and social influencer absolutely needs it.

It leverages the personality behind your brand, using stories (think of stories as themes) in pro level photos.

Personal Brand photos are used in all visual social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, online advertising and blogs.

It can incorporate other types of photography like "headshots", "lifestyle", or commercial "product" photos.

When done correctly it's all of those photography niches wrapped up into one.  And it's completely customized to your brand story.

What does Personal Brand Photography do?

Good Personal Brand Photography builds a stronger personal brand by building a personal connection between you and your audience.

Not everybody has a "personal brand".  Not everybody even understands what that is.  But for those that are trying to build one, they know that amazing photographs are a must.

What is a Personal Brand? 

There are two types of brands "corporate" and "personal".

A corporate brand build it's reputation on a product or service.  There is no human face associated with the brand.

Take for example, Kellog's or Coca-Cola.  I have no idea who is behind those brands.  There is no personality associated with them.

On the other hand a Personal Brand builds it's reputation on a product or service with a strong personality behind it.  Some personal brands would include Oprah, (showing my age here) Richard Simmons, Martha Stewart, you get the idea.

The trend these days is towards personal branding. 

Even big brands like Kellog's and Coca-Cola are finding it necessary to post daily content online in order to stay in the game.

If you're selling a product or supporting a cause, it's becoming necessary to differentiate your self with a true connection.

Technology has brought your consumers to your doorstep.

Reversely, because of the internet your ideal client has countless other businesses soliciting their product or cause.

Today's purchaser still longs for the personal connection there used to be when sales were done face to face.

Hence the need for Personal Brand Photography.

How does Personal Brand Photography build a connection?

Your purchasers will buy if they like and trust you; I know you've heard that before.

They don't even know who YOU are unless you show them. 

You can't meet them face-to-face.  Or can you?  If you give them photos showing who you are, what you do, behind the scenes photos into your daily work life( maybe even your personal life) in essence they are meeting you face-to-face each and every time they see them.

What an awesome opportunity this is!  It's like you're knocking on their door several times a week or a day showing them that you've got something they want!

The photos below are of me at work.  They immediately say "Hey, she's involved; she's creative, she's a portrait photographer."  They put a "face" to my business.

I can provide you with the images you'll need to get to the next level.   I'd love to brainstorm how Personal Brand  photography can help you build a stronger personal brand.

Contact me here!

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