7 Myths: Why hair and makeup is more than hair and makeup

Surprising fact: both men and women benefit from spending at least a few minutes with a professional hair and makeup artist before getting in front of the camera. Photographers want clients to look polished for their photos and having clients “camera ready” saves time editing imperfections. But getting hair and makeup is not just a convenience for your photographer.

Here’s seven myths about professional hair and makeup that will have you rethinking whether you want it or not. I’ll start with the most obvious (and maybe silliest) one.

Myth #1: I’m a man and I’m bald. I don’t need to see your hair & make-up artist. REALITY: Your bald head will shine like a polished orb if you don’t let my make-up artist touch it up! Also, you probably have some facial oil that could use some dabbing with rice paper. It will make a world of difference in your final images. My camera also picks up a lot of details, like pores. Time with the makeup artist will help with that too.

Myth #2: I don’t want to feed into the idea that women “need” make-up to look beautiful. REALITY: Following this logic, I could say that I don’t need to wash my face or brush my teeth before I go out of the house. I wouldn’t brush my hair or remove the eye crust from my eyes, since it’s my “natural” state. At Annabel Valencia Photography, our hair and makeup artists want to enhance your features with a “no makeup” makeup look.

Myth #3: I prefer a “natural” look. Makeup is an unnecessary “extra”. REALITY: Photography lights will wash out your features and we don’t want that. I could argue that makeup is just as necessary as expert lighting and posing or editing and retouching. Are those “extras”? No, they’re just tools that photographers use to flatter and enhance. Makeup is one of those tools.

Myth #4: Can’t I save money by skipping on the hair and makeup artistry? REALITY: For my clients, it’s as much about the experience and feeling pampered. Besides, hair and makeup is complimentary. You can choose to take advantage of it, or not. It’s up to you.

Myth # 5: I can do my own makeup. REALITY: Of course you can! You can also take a selfie, without hiring a photographer. So what are you hiring us for? A professional experience. Relax and let us take care of you. Also, my makeup artist is trained in camera-ready makeup, which is different from every-day makeup.

Myth #6: Can’t I save time by skipping on the hair and makeup artistry? REALITY: The time you save will be negated by the lack of comfort in front of the camera. Sitting in the makeup chair for even fifteen minutes gives every client the time to relax and unwind, resulting in more genuine and authentic expressions in their photos.

Myth #7: I want to look like myself REALITY: We also want you to look like yourself. It takes a highly skilled make-up artist to create a “no make-up” look. There are two types of makeup looks at Annabel Valencia Photography. One is a “no makeup” make up look. The other is a dramatic look. We match each look to your outfit, always starting with the more natural look and ending with a more dramatic look.

At Annabel Valencia Photography Hair and Makeup artistry is complimentary with your portrait session, but it’s always optional. Talk to our makeup artist about your preferences. Being honest and up front with our makeup artist will help. They’re goal is to make sure you look and feel great.

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