Quick Photo Tip – Wipe your cell phone camera lens

Do This to Get Better Cell Phone Photos & Videos Instantly

Quick Photo Tip for you! A super simple & easy tip for taking cell phone photos and videos is: Wipe your cell phone camera lens EVERY TIME, *BEFORE* you use your camera. (Honestly, I usually use my clothing instead of a lens cloth). Our cell phone cameras lens gets dirty from use. Give it a quick wipe and you’ll get much clearer photos and videos. If you’re already using this Quick Photo Tip, high five!

We All Have A Camera In Our Back Pocket – Our Cell Phone

We all have a camera in our back pocket, our cell phone! It’s super convenient and so handy. There are lots of times when our cell phone is just fine. For those times, using this Quick Photo Tip will be helpful. But there are times when we need a photographer. Here’s just two of them:

1. When you need to be in the shot (not the hand-held selfie type shot!)

2. When the person who usually holds your cell phone to take pictures of you also needs to be in the shot (have you heard of the Instagram Husband ? or an Instagram Boyfriend?

There will be times when you need to show up in your own brand photos and that’s hard to do when you’re also the photographer!

Expert Headshots: When Your Cell Phone Isn’t Enough

You can DIY it and use your cell phone for many things. You can even buy a nice camera and begin to teach yourself how to take good photos. There is nothing wrong with either. But at some point, you will run out of time to run your business and produce your own marketing photos.

Your brand and business deserve photos that reflect your expertise and show your ideal client why they should hire you instead of your competition. Get an Expert Headshot!

Headshot Mini Marathon Day

Who I Am: Annabel Valencia, Luxury Portrait Photographer in Oklahoma City

Hi! I’m Annabel Valencia, an Oklahoma City based luxury portrait photographer specializing in heirloom studio portraits. Photos that look like they belong in a museum, only they’re of the people you love and made to hang in your home.

Some people think that type of photography is a bit extravagant, over-the-top, and even self-indulgent. To that I say, compare the size of your biggest TV to the size of your biggest portrait. That should give you a new perspective.

I also love creating expert headshots, all day branding sessions, and for the right price, I will photograph a weekend wedding!

Let’s talk about your photo project.

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