Caution, a digital photo is not a finished product

Caution, Moms! A digital photo file isn’t a finished product. When a photographer sells you only digital files, they’re selling you an unfinished product and leaving you with the responsibility of finishing the process.

Don’t you have enough other things to do, Mom? Do you really want to hem and haw at your computer screen, looking over umpteen portraits in a digital gallery, picking out the best images without guidance, worrying about crop-ratios, paper surfaces and a dozen other things that you’d need to decide in order to print them (all while the kids are hungry, the dogs are barking and your phone is dinging with alerts)?

At first, looking at your online photo gallery seems exciting, and convenient, but the excitement quickly fades and the convenience is replaced with uncertainty and overwhelm.

No wonder many portrait clients never get around to printing their digital files or framing prints to hang on their wall! There’s too many decisions to be made and your photographer has left you on your own to make them.

For years, I have guided (in-person) my portrait and wedding clients through the important process of choosing their favorite photos and deciding what photography products to create with them.

We get the decision making done together, even picking out frame options and album covers. This reduces client overwhelm.

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