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Blog – What Is Personal Brand Photography?

What Is Personal Brand Photography? Personal Brand Photography is currently one of the most necessary types of photography. Every entrepreneur, thought leader, and social influencer absolutely needs it. It leverages the personality behind your brand, using stories (think of stories as themes) in pro level photos. Personal Brand photos are used in all visual social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, online advertising and blogs. It can incorporate other types of photography like “headshots”, “lifestyle”, or commercial “product” photos. When doneRead More

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Blog – What Are Stories?

What are Stories? // Stories are rituals and routines that are part of you who you are; the parts you can show your audience for capturing the personality behind your brand. // Imagine what one person would say to another if they were encouraging them to follow you on social media.  What would they say about what you post?  These are your stories. // They’re one of the best ways to capture your personality and your brand in a naturalRead More

Blog – Understand The Power of Your Story

UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF YOUR STORY Story based photography Story Sessions – because your story is powerful and connects you with your people. Other entrepreneurs do what you do but nobody else has your story.   So here’s the deal.  Traditional photographers charge by the hour, not realizing that for an entrepreneur that’s the wrong way to go about it.  Business owners and social influencers are busy and if a Story Session can happen faster then all the better. That’s whyRead More

Blog – Three Things I’ve Noticed People Mess Up With Their Selfies

When we first start out in business most of us have way more time than we have money. Until you’re making enough revenue to justify hiring your own personal brand photographer you can make due with your cell phone. It’s not ideal for the long term but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Before I continue let me clarify that it’s perfectly okay to use a cell phone selfie once in a while.  Just don’t do it ALLRead More

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Blog – Lucinda’s Cooking Demo In My Kitchen

2 hr Brand Story Session ~  Client: My friend Lucinda ~ Story: Cooking is a way for friends to gather My friend Lucinda struggled with her MLM business I knew I could help my good friend Lucinda with her struggling MLM business, you know, one of those that sells cooking supplies. Even if the company gives her generic photos for her use (maybe?) I knew that if she could get some photos of herself doing her thing that would beRead More

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Blog – The Tattoo Artists at Shine On Tattoo

2 hr Brand Shoot ~ Client:  Shine On Tattoo ~ Story:  A behind-the-scenes look at the tattoo artists of Shine On Tattoo at work Artwork – watercolor art by Two Eagles Two Eagles getting a sketch ready for a client; a tiger tattoo with flames which is similar to a tattoo that the client’s uncle, who passed away, also had. Getting Prepped – Two Eagles getting his tattoo gun ready Kris specializes in large tattoos.  This one took about 8Read More

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Blog – Linda Mask A Typical Day At Work

2 hr Brand Story ~ Client:  Linda Mask at Johnny Owens Commercial Properties, Inc. ~ Story:  A typical day at work A large part of Linda’s job at Johnny Owens Commercial Properties, Inc. is looking for clients on the database and showing properties. I met Linda through the Mountain Metro Ambucs, one of the three AMBUCS clubs in Lawton, Oklahoma.  She’s a big part of the club and heads up the weekly meetings. Actually Johnny is Linda’s brother! I metRead More

Blog – Who needs Personal Brand Photography?

Are you wondering if personal brand photos are what your business or cause needs? Personal Brand Photography is for entrepreneurs, business owners and social influencers. Entrepreneurs who… Are looking for photos to help  grow an online brand. Own an online business with a strong personal brand. Own a brick & mortar store, advertise a lot online and have a strong personality built into their business. Are trying to grow an online presence on social media, a website or blog. SocialRead More