My Thoughts On “Photoshop”, Editing and Body Insecurities

Annabel Valencia Oklahoma City Photographer 2017

Body Insecurities:

Here’s something I hear a lot and it makes me sad: “I just need to lose X more pounds, then I’ll schedule a session with you!” Lots of clients say, half-joking “You can just Photoshop me and make me look like X, right?!” Here are some of my thoughts on “Photoshop”, editing, and body insecurities.

I’m in my forties and my body has birthed and nursed three children. Why would I expect myself to look like I’m still in my Twenties? That doesn’t seem fair. My husband hears me say that I love all photos of myself, even the “ugly” ones; the ones that show my double-chin, the ones that show how much weight I’ve gained. It might sound crazy, but I love them all, because they remind me that I am loved by my family, despite my imperfection. That is a beautiful and touching thing! I also remind myself that, in all reality, ten years from now I’ll look at that “ugly” photo and think “Wow, I look so young!” or “Wow, I look so much thinner!” That is my perspective.

Our bodies change. There might be things about your body that you wish were different. I do too. That’s normal. But none of those things should keep you from being in front of the camera. The people that truly love us, love us the way we are. Be kind to yourself.

“Photoshop” and Editing – What To Expect:

You can expect these levels of Photoshop and Editing at Annabel Valencia Photography:

  • Level 1 – color balancing, cropping & straightening crooked lines. Every photo that a Client purchases gets Level 1 editing.
  • Level 2 – blemish removal, hair touch ups, teeth whitening, minimal skin smoothing. Every purchased image that needs this, gets it.
  • Level 3 – head swaps, body shaping, beauty skin editing. This level of editing is only done on images that are purchased as Wall Art because they’ll be displayed on a wall, so more meticulous attention to editing is required. Above average body shaping is only done as Clients request.
  • Master Art Edits – Premium digital hand painted artistry for Wall Art that adds a classic, painterly touch

Your photos will have Level 1 or Level 2 editing. I “photoshop” non-permanent blemishes like pimples, scratches or bruises, but not scars or birthmarks. At your Consultation we’ll discuss what level of editing you’re expecting in your final photos.

Annabel Valencia Photography Oklahoma City Headshot photographer photo with Level 2 photoshop editing

This image has Level 2 editing.

Annabel Valencia Photography Oklahoma City Headshot photographer photo with Level 1 photoshop editing

This image has Level 1 editing (almost none)! That’s what good Lighting and Posing can do.

I hope this was helpful. So, what are your thoughts? Did I give you a new perspective? Let’s talk about your photos.

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