Oklahoma city photographer Annabel Valencia


recording a legacy

My mom divorced my dad when I was too little to remember. All I had of him were, what seemed like, piles of black and white photos he had taken of me. I remember thinking "He must've loved me." - the photos were my proof. I also remember being in awe that when I looked at those photos I was seeing exactly what he was seeing at the very moment he clicked the shutter.

I knew that if someday I had kids of my own I wanted them to feel those same feelings.

Annabel Valencia in Colombia
Annabel Valencia in Colombia
Annabel with oldest daughter Amari

Now I can photograph my children and make sure they have proof of my love in beautiful photos.

The photographs we make during your session won't be pixels, or pieces of paper, they'll be powerful and emotional pieces of your legacy.

meet the team

Oklahoma City photographer Annabel Valencia


ceo lead photographer

Photographing since 1995
Born in Colombia but raised in Baton Rouge. The way to my heart is through a shrimp po'boy.

P.S. Help! I am addicted to Salsa dancing!

makeup Annabel Valencia Photography


make up & stylist

Annabel's oldest daughter. Unfortunately Amari is all *growed* up and has left the nest so she is being replaced with her younger sister Isabella. To feed into Isabellas middle-child syndrome I will put a photo of her here sometime, when I have a chance.

David Aderogba Videographer and Second Photographer


videographer & second photographer

Of Iris Lens Photography, hailing from Nigeria, he
doesn't like pizza but will eat ketchup right out of the packet. He knows how to dance. Do not let him lie to you about it.

Jen wedding photographer


second wedding photographer

Of Chasing Jenni Photography in Lawton, Oklahoma

From Panama
Mom of a miracle preemie

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