When it comes to family portraits

there is no such thing as a digital heirloom

old sepia photos
photo album

The family album is becoming extinct. So is the family portrait above the fireplace. They're being replaced with cell phone galleries of digitized photos that never see the light of day.

family potraits & painterly heirloom portraits

A digital file isn't a finished product. When a photographer sells you only a digital file, they're selling you an unfinished product. Many clients never get around to printing their digital files or framing prints to hang on their wall. A print is a finished product.

Do you remember the floppy disk? Does your computer have a disc drive?

Digital media changes. Digital files can be unstable and corruptible.

But digital has an upside. It's fast and convenient.

Every product sold at Annabel Valencia Photography is a powerful duo of both a digital file and a print.

You can be the family historian, preserving beautiful moments and recording your legacy.

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